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Safety and Security

Please note that it is a Criminal Offence to Enter Dukes Court by force, this includes in particular the pushing open of gates and doors, either because you or your tenants do not possess a valid original cut key.

Dukes court belongs to the local safer neighbourhood watch scheme. In the interest of security and after consultation with the local safer neighbourhood watch police team, we have agreed that persons entering these premises may have their visit recorded by our security system. Which may, at the discretion of the management company, be made available to the local police in cases where persons are observed either forcing entry or exit to the premises, causing any damage to the premises or loitering with or without intent.

In the interest of the safety and security of all residents we ask that gates, doors and locks are closed properly and not broken through excessive force. All visitors to Dukes Court must be announced to the block manager, this includes for any works, or removals, where block access is required, especially where parking is needed.

Under NO Circumstances should gates be left open. Both Pedestrian and Vehicle entrances are secured with security access keys which are available from the block manager by Dukes Court Members. All tenants are obliged to have a set of valid keys. The use of unauthorised keys is strictly prohibited by law and any such use may constitute a criminal offence.

Use of the Website

The majority of content on this website is restricted to registered members only and is intended for use by members of the freehold company, i.e. Dukes Court Leaseholders who are owners of apartments in the block.

Nothing in this website is specifically intended for residents, tenants, guests or visitors, renting from landlords under short-hold tenancy agreements or any other any kind of agreement.

Content available to non registered members is for information only, it may not be fully up to date and in no way forms part of any service agreement. All residents and visitors to Dukes Court are required to abide by the block policies and regulations as governed by your lease or tenancy agreement.

To access membership content you must register and then login.

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